Chris Simpson writes:

Hi, Everyone,
Cathy and I ended up on the boat this last weekend and prior to that the canal froze over, which rather upset the Kingfisher who had selected the bows of ‘Seasons’ as a good place to spiral into the water and I noticed he rarely came up without a fish.
They are so beautiful and such great anglers.

He must find the world as perplexing as we do at the moment.
We have the evil Covid 19 and typical of a virus it cannot be dealt with as just another epidemic.
It can reinvent itself and come back in as deadly as before- and only worse.
It is the stuff of science fiction writers- it mutates.
So where does that leave the human race compounded by the idiots who turn a blind eye and choose to ignore the rules.
I get the impression that the whole world is boxing uncertain as to how to contain it and as for the Communist Chinese in Wuhan, who censured a ‘whistle blower’ for asking why things were not adding up re the death count – I think they have much to answer for.

Anyway, we have left the EU, and keep our Sovereignty.
I am quite happy with that, given I was one of so many all those years ago who voted for the Common Market, not realising we were only given half the story… it led to the United States of Europe.
Lord bless the sceptered Isle.

I cannot really say what Magna Carta is doing right now, except Thomas Neelsen, the boss of Repertoire Records, is right behind my plan for a box set with two DVD’s and a yummy selection of audio tracks. With some rather tasty sleeve notes too.
One of the DVD’s I know will blow you away.
It was the last concert in Ripley, North Yorkshire, January 25th, 2020.
A sell-out on the night and I realised I had (have) been on the road for over 50 years, which makes it a kind of special night.

Back in 1644, It was the Civil War, and the village saw Cromwell’s Ironsides killing the villagers until her Ladyship in the castle with a cocked brace of pistols suggested to him, one more fatal shot and he would be sent post haste to meet his Maker.
Wisely, for him, he took her words at face value, and the killing stopped.
The ancient church opposite the ‘Town Hall’ has been there since Saxon times, and the musket balls that passed through the bodies of the villagers are still to be seen in the stonework, and my mother’s side of the family (including the star, Uncle John of ‘Song for John’ fame) slumber beneath the snowdrops and the gravestones, worn with lichens of time and the weather, still standing like old teeth in a grassy jaw…
It is a magical place, and the band that night played like their lives depended on it.

What is happening now?
I was long ago, given a preview, of things to come, like a postscript to the sayings of Nostradamus for one; Seers and Sages from the very dawn of things, and not least the Maya, whose Chillum Ballam
(the Jaguar Chief) a tribesman gifted with the power to see ‘through a glass darkly’ warned of a Pandemic of horrendous consequences, heralded by five planets coming together in a line.
They did but a few years ago.
He also said it would not be the end of the world, but a planeing down of an overcrowded planet and a people turning their backs on spirituality.
Apparently he alluded to our obsession with the media too.
Anyway, no intentions to bring you down.
We’ll just have to go with the flow, and see where the signposts of our times send us.
Back to the Chinese again and a sombre double edged sword….
‘May you live in interesting times.’
With love and vaccine,
Chris, January 4th, 2021